The Wyrd Woods Series

The Wyrd Woods series of ebooks tells the story of Sophie, Emma, and Jack as they explore the strange and wondrous Northwoods around their family cabin, full of fantastical creatures and exciting adventures.

These early reader chapter books for lower elementary children feature chapter lengths, vocabulary, and subjects appropriate for young readers just starting their reading adventures. Each book also includes a special Parent’s Guide section with ideas to talk about with your child, and a sneak preview of the next book in the series.

Summer in the Wyrd Woods

Book One of the Wyrd Woods Series

“Once there were three little kids named Sophie, Emma, and Jack. They lived in a normal house in a normal town, and went to a normal school.

“But at the end of the week, they went to a place that was anything but normal. On weekends they stayed at their family’s log cabin in the Wyrd Woods, where magic lived.”

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COMING SOON: Autumn in the Wyrd Woods

Book Two of the Wyrd Woods Series

COMING SOON: Winter in the Wyrd Woods

COMING SOON: Spring in the Wyrd Woods