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"I just got [Ren Faire] and played it with my kids. We loved it. I can't wait to try it out with some of my adult friends. It's got silly tricks you have to do to earn coins to buy your costume cards with, that I think would be fun with a group who enjoys light hearted games. The see through stackable cards are a lot of fun."
– jen, 5-star review on

"I hang out with game designers, and get to play-test lots of new games. Some are fantastic, some are meh. [... Ren Faire] really took me by surprise because it's such a fresh idea. (And it was one of the game designers who recommended it to me strongly.) "[...] so far, we're really enjoying it. The actions are fun, and the layering thing is really cool."
– Asmyr, 5-star review on

"[Ren Faire] is hilariously fun for a group. [...] where this game really excels is watching your friends play the part. "[...] the game is clever and a light romp through the fantastical middle age without the plywood dragons"
– Dan Oldenkamp, review on